Session Options and...

Options Available During Your Session include...

  • High quality scented and unscented massage oil, cremes and lotions.  For more specifics about products used, click on my "Quality Products" website page.image
  • High quality essential oils for a customized scent
  • Pain-relieveing analgesic ointments
  • Hydrotherapy (moist heat and cold applications)
  • Self-care techniques and...
  • FREE refreshing, organic drink after your session.

Additional Client Benefits include...

  • Special Value Packages for individuals and families
  • Gift Certificates, Gift Packages, Special Holiday  Packages
  • "Keeping In Touch" Newsletter
  • "To Your Health" wellness classes
  • FREE educational brochures and handouts on a variety of subjects
  • Retail Wellness Products for purchase. Most of the high quality products clients enjoy during their sessions are also available for purchase.  I can let you know where to purchase other products I use but don't keep as retail stock.

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