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 I'm happy to offer the following Massage Services to support your good health and well-being.
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Not Simageure What Massage Style to Choose?  I'd be happy to discuss your goals for your session in order to decide what massage style below would support those goals.  Just phone or text me at 307-360-6325.  You can also email me through this website by clicking the "Contact Me" website page.


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Swedish Massage Therapy

This massage style is available at many massasge therapy practices and spas.  What isn't well known is that the "classic" style is actually an invigorating (not rough) but invigorating massage with faster hand-work that warms muscles quickly.  Because most people request a relaxing experience, the "classic" style is slowed down.  Both are offered at Timbersong for you to experience.

imageClassic Invigorating Swedish - Not through with your busy day or feeling little sluggish?  Re-energize with this up-tempo therapeutic massage that includes joint mobilization, rocking, and gentle stretches for the major joints.  Renew and Revitalize!

Classic Invigorating Swedish Massage
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imageQuiet Comfort Swedish Massage - Experience a deep sense of relaxation and peace with this therapeutic massage that improves circulation, increases range of motion and relieves muscle tension as it re-balances and de-stresses you. 

Quiet Comfort Swedish Massage
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Pregnancy Massage

imageSacred Space Pregnancy Massage - Supportive and nurturing, this therapeutic bodywork focuses on the dramatic structural, physiological, and psychological ways the mother-to-be is changed and challenged through-out pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Each session is customized to meet a pregnant woman’s needs as they change through each trimester.  (Handout Available)

Sacred Space Pregnancy Massage
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Authentic Hawaiian Massage

From the spiritual Hawaiian people, come these wonderful gifts below.  It's with greatest respect to my teachers and the skills they've taught me, that I offer to you the new possibilities of health and well-being that come with these unique massage styles.


Himageawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage  (Maile Style)          with warm oil

Whole Body Lymphatic Drainage - Stimulates Blood Flow and Detoxifies Tissues - Warm Massage Oil Facilitates Long Strokes

This ancient Hawaiian healing style of massage with warm oil moves the body into timeless rhythm of the ocean and is known for it's use of deep, broad, flowing forearm and palm strokes that connect the upper and lower body.  Any pain complaints are addressed.  Careful, deep stretching and whole body lymphatic drainage stimulates blood flow and detoxifies tissues.  A grounding  massage that helps you reconnect with that place of peace within you.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage w/ warm massage oil
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imageHawaiian Mana Lomi Massage Therapy

Relaxing yet Clinically Affective to Resolve Pain

This authentic Hawaiian massage style from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is gentle but deep, relaxing yet a clinically oriented, problem-solving style. 

  • Soft yet firm, full palms contour the body with a rhythmical stroke that is gentle yet can be deep to the bone as the practitioner follows the release of muscular tension deeper into the tissues.
  • Pressure is increased slowly yet specifically along the length of muscles, flushing the circulatory system and resetting muscle fibers back to a relaxed state.
  • Compression / traction techniques on tendons further the message to muscles to lengthen. 
  • Joint tension is released with careful attention to the client's level of comfort with stretches and joint rotations.  
Hawaiian Mana Lomi Massage
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Haimagewaiian Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Deep Heat Resolves Muscle Tension - Two Massages in One Session!

This unique style is more than just laying hot stones onto the client.  Combining two massages into one, the session begins by using the Mana Lomi massage style described above to prepare muscles for the stone work.  Next, the water-heated stones held in the therapists hands not only offer a second massage but also used as a tool to address specific pain complaints.  Unique to this style is how the client is gradually introduced to the heat of the smooth, black, basalt stones.  Painful, tight muscles soften under the deep penetrating heat of the stones... relaxation follows.

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage
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Kona Half Stone Massage                        for Upper OR Lower Body  

The Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage above is a full body massage.  The Kona Half Stone Massage is a massage for just upper or lower body only.  The soothing deep heat of the second massage with stones not only helps you de-stress and unwind but also provides effective tension release from muscular aches and pain.  This particular style of stone work (from Kona, Hawaiia) is not offered by anyone else in Wyoming at this time.  Massage style for this session is Hawaiian Mana Lomi only.

Kona Half Stone Massage 60 minutes
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Focused Pain Relief Massage

You're starting to feel stiff and sore.  Address specific issues before more muscles are involved and you're in more pain.  Don't wait.  These shorter, 45 minute, focused massage sessions are a great option.

Onimage-the-Go Stress Buster (Upper Body Only) -This therapeutic massage for upper body targets just what you need and can inlcude a combination of back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

imageMany Miles Re-store (Lower Body Only) - Whether you’ve been on your feet a lot or sitting at a desk all day, this therapeutic massage for the lower half of the body can include a combination of hips, gluteals, legs and feet is sure to get you back on track.  

Massage Services Focused Pain Relief Massage
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Gratuity Option

I've had requests from clients that they'd like to have a way to include a gratuity.  Gratuity is at your own discretion and can now be applied by using the "Gratuity Option" PayPal button below.

Gratuity Option


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