Healthful Handouts

My goal here is to not only provide current information pertinent to the field of massage and bodywork but also articles, links imageand resources related to health and well-being.  Several of the handouts below are part of my standard client information packet.  You'll also be able to find information about upcoming classes, and special promotions.  Check back from time-to-time to see what's new.

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RESOURCE - Holistic Practitioners Who Offer Remote Consultations

I've started a list of holistic practitioners who offer remote consultations by phone or Skype. Know that I've checked educational backgrounds, talked with them on the phone and, with some, have used their services or products personally or in my own business. I highly recommend these holistic professionals. I'll be adding others, so check back.

HANDOUT - Pregnancy Massage: A Caring Touch During a Time of Many Changes

Supportive and nurturing, Pregnancy Massage sessions are tailored to meet the woman's needs as they change through each trimester.

HANDOUT - Massage Therapy and YOU!

This handout shows you seven ways Massage Therapy can help support your good health. Some may even surprise you!

HANDOUT - Massage Therapy and Pain Management

This handout covers research findings which highlight the role of massage therapy in pain management for three specific types of pain issues. This information was compiled by the American Massage Therapy Association. (Research references included.)

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