Session Enhancements


For Men and Women -  The treatments below not only deepen relaxation but also firms, tones, re-hydrates, warms, softens, stimulates circulation and revitalizes the body more specifically in areas that need it most.  Whether you're on your feet all day, have arthritis in your hands, work with computers or your face is continualy exposed to drying Wyoming winds and high altitude sun, Timbersong Session Enhancements are for you!

About Add-On's - Combining a massage session with a treatment from Timbersong Session Enhancements Menu takes your appointment to a whole new level of experience.  Add-On's literally add time on to your original massage appointment by the time and fee indicated on the menu.  Please order Add-On's when you schedule your appointment.

About Stand-Alone's- For those who enjoy spa treatments without a massage included, four Add-On's below can also be booked as Stand-Alone's.  Look for the words "Stand-Alone" on the menu below.  Fees are also shown.


image- ADD Healthy Glow Mini-Facial - $50                    Drying Wyoming winds and intense sun at our altitude makes it important that you take time to nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin.  Benefits men and women of most skin types.

  • Healthy Glow Mini-Facials change as seasons and holidays change so check back.
  • Mini-facials can be booked as an Add-On to a massage or as a Stand-Alone (booked by itself).
  • Note: mini-facials performed within the scope of a Certified Massage Therapist therefore, not for those seeking skin care facial appointment with an Esthetician.

Healthy Glow Mini-Facial currently being offered:

Botanical Balance Mini-Facial

Handout with complete information about what's included for mini-facial above is available on my "Healthful Handouts" website page.


  - ADD Hand and Foot Renew - 60 minutes/$70.00image
- Booked as a Stand-Alone - 70 minutes./$80.00

Soothing moist hot towels wrap hands then cleansed.  A luxurious extended multiple technique massage with deeply moisturizing Shea Butter and skin-healing Cocoa Butter deeply nourishes and hydrates skin then followed by warm Thinsolate-lined mitts  Feet are wrapped in soothing moist hot towels then cleansed.  A concentrated hydrating treatment that includes Pineapple extract helps dissolve dry, rough skin and smooth heels.  An organic blend of Boswellia extract and Lavender calms inflammation while Peppermint cools and refreshes.  This is a treatment that will revitalize hands and put some pep back in your step.  


image- ADD Prairie Moon Combo (Mini-facial/hands/feet)      -  Can be booked as a Stand-Alone

Combine "Healthy Glow Mini-Facial" and "Hand and Foot Re-new" and you have three treatments wrapped into one amazing experience. -  For specific information about what's included with current mini-facials being offered, go to my "Healthful Handouts" website page.  Click on PDF handout for that specific mini-facial. 

Prairie Moon Combo with current mini-facial being offered.

Botanical Balance Mini-Facial

  • Booked as an Add-On 90 minutes/$120.00; Booked as Stand-Alone 1 hour + 40 minutes/$130.00


 - ADD Acupressure Facial Massage - 40 min./$50.00 image- Booked as a Stand-Alone 50 minutes/$60.00

This restorative treatment helps to increase circulation plus tone the skin and muscles of the face, and in doing so, helps reduce facial puffiness, and release facial tension.  Includes soothing moist hot towel applications, cleansing and choice of botanical moisturizing creme. 


 - ADD Hand Re-store - 30 minutes/$35.00image

A treatment that begins with the "Ahhh" of hands wrapped in moist hot towels, cleansing, extended multiple-style massage with rich moisturizers and essential oils to soothe weary hands, and finishes with warm Thinsolate-lined mitts.


 - ADD Beat Feet Retreat - 30 minutes/$35.00image

A perfect refresher for tired feet in need of attention, this treatment includes luxurious moist hot towels, cleanse, extended multiple-style massage with a concentrated hydrating treatment that includes Pineapple extract to help dissolve dry, rough skin and smooth heels.  The organic blend of Boswellia extract and Lavender calms inflammation while Peppermint cools and refreshes.  Warm Thinsolate-lined booties add the finishing touch to your treatment.

  (Prices subject to change without notice.)

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